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Seminars are available on a wide range of topic areas. Most of the seminars are conducted by Douglas Gray, LL.B, and/or other skilled professionals and experts, depending on the nature of the seminar and client needs and scheduling preferences. Please contact us.

» Format: seminars, workshops, keynote, facilitator, moderator

» Venue: conference, convention, trade show, seminar facility, meetings, special events. Could be public or corporate, government or association in-house.

» Location: Presentations have been given, and are available throughout Canada, the US and internationally

» Audience size: comfortable with 10 to 3,000 people

» Duration: 45 minutes-3 hours, full day, 2 day

» Style: practical, candid, street-smart, relevant, enthusiastic, objective, topical, motivating, interesting, stimulating, interactive, professional. Q&A. Real-life examples are given to illustrate key points.

» Nature of audience: general public seminar, in-house corporate or organization seminar or client appreciation or special events. In addition, specific programs are designed for professionals in the industry. These latter programs generally involve marketing and strategic planning and implementation.

» Customization: all programs are specifically researched and tailored to meet the unique needs and terminology of the company, organization, association or group. Relevant and practical examples are given to illustrate and anchor key concepts or points.

» Other services available: consultation on all aspects of proposed program, plus turnkey program coordination and implementation services available.

» Fees: Negotiable, depending on several variables. Please contact us.


Please contact us for more detail on the contents of the seminars below, for further information, or to discuss arranging a presentation. Also, please refer to the Books section for more information.

Small Business
» Considering Self-Employment as a Career Option
» Tax Smart Strategies for the Self-Employed
» Starting a Profitable Home-Based Business
» Start and Run a Profitable Consulting Business
» Start and Run a Successful Professional Service Business
» Start and Run a Profitable Business Using Your Computer
» Marketing Professional Services
» Buying and Selling a Business
» Buying a Franchise
» The Secrets of Raising Money
» Marketing Strategies that Really Work
» How to Get Free Publicity and Promotion
» Creditor-Proofing Your Business the Legal Way
» The Secrets of Successful Negotiation
» Legal Tips and Strategies in Business

Real Estate
» Successful Investing in Real Estate
» Buying a Home
» Selling a Home
» Successful Landlording

Estate Planning
» Estate Planning Strategies to Maximize Tax Savings and Peace of Mind
» The “Top 30” Estate and Tax Planning Tips You Need to Know
» The “Top 20” Will and Estate Planning Pitfalls to Avoid

Retirement Planning
» Successful Retirement Planning Strategies for those 50+
» How to Retire with Financial Independence
» Considering the Snowbird Lifestyle
» Self-Employment for those 50+
» 50 Home-Based Business Ideas for those over 50
» Planning for Early Retirement by Choice or Circumstance
» Financial and Lifestyle Planning

Career and Lifestyle Planning
» Strategies for Dealing with Downsizing and Career Transition
» Strategies for Dealing with Early Retirement
» Considering Self-Employment as a Career Option

Community Economic Development
» Small Business Entrepreneur Stimulation and Retention – Success Strategies that Really Work
» How to Survive and Prosper in Challenging Times – Success Strategies for Small Business

» The Secrets of Successful Business Negotiation
» Negotiating Strategies that Really Work

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